RM Team Member Spotlights give you insight into RM by letting you hear from team members in varying roles at our company as to why they chose to work here and what excites them about their role.

Meet Rizaldy “RJ” Asis, Email Operations Manager. RJ’s celebrated his four year anniversary with RM on March 5!

How long have you been at RM?

4 years! I started when there were only 12 people in the company. It was my first time in an intimate setting and we were all very close. It was one of the things I loved about the company. Though I, also, love to see the growth and evolution of the company since I entered.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

I love the camaraderie. This place is very unique. Everyone brings something very special to the table that makes the company what it is today. Everyone has their quirks and their individuality. We have a presence that is different from every other company. RMVP is cool, too.

What do you feel is the ‘tone’ of RM?

I have to pick just one? It is nothing but good vibes! It’s high-intensity but that makes it never boring. Everyone around me pushes me to be better which is what I want around me. It’s a drive. Everyone has it. We all take pride in our work and respect each other so much- we don’t want to let anyone down!

Any tips you have for future employees?

Everything can be taught but your work ethic. If you have the passion to work hard, you will go places. We are a team and we work as a team. Be accountable to yourself and take ownership. Admit your faults and be humble. Also, dress well.

What is your favorite color?


How do you take your coffee?

Black—it’s best for time optimization!

What was your most recent birthday treat?

Last year I ordered Bruxie’s and it was amazing!

What do you look forward to most when you come into the office?

I love SPACE. It is open and inviting. I like playing video games with my friends at the end of the day. And John Mai’s laugh.

What is your best memory thus far at the company?

Christmas Party 2014. We had a photo booth and tried to cram the whole company inside. It was genuinely fun and everyone was really happy. And the company Palm Springs trip.

What do you feel is the most important part of our company culture?

Always having something to look forward to. Whether it’s launching a new brand, bootcamp, game night, or our random conversations in the workplace… It’s never a dull day in the office!

What project are you most excited about this year?

It’s a secret, but I promise you it is a good one!