Andy Nagai, Software Engineer

Welcome to our RM Team Member Spotlight! We want to give you insight into RM by letting you hear from team members in varying roles at our company as to why they chose to work here and what excites them about their role.

Meet Andy Nagai, Software Engineer. Andy celebrated his third year anniversary with RM this summer.

How did you find out about an opportunity at RM and what made you choose to pursue this opportunity?

I found the position through a recruiter. I liked the company culture and was excited by RM’s existing sites and the various projects RM had in the pipeline!

What do you enjoy about working on RM’s Development team?

I like being an essential member of the team. RM allows us many any opportunities to learn and practice new technologies.  I really feel that management is concerned about employee satisfaction and health, which is important to me.

How have you grown in your career while working at RM?

I have had many opportunities to learn and implement new technologies which allows for continued personal and professional growth.

What most excites and motivates about coming into work every day?

Every day is another day of new challenges and learning opportunities!

How do you like SPACE, RM’s HQ? Any favorite perks you’d like to share?

I like that the company allows us flexible work schedules, and a discounted rate at Equinox!

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