As you know, we love email! We know that it is the best way to say “I love you” & save the planet a little. We decided to rifle through all the muck out there and pick out are favorites to help save you some time, as well.

For Humor

Mariachi Band Singing Get Down Tonight
What could be funnier than a Mariachi band playing a funk song?

Beaver Fever
Mariachi bands not your jam? How about a beaver in a fedora singing funk music?

Slice of Paradise
This is by far my favorite e-card for every occasion- unless you are sending to someone whose name is a little unique, in which case, you probably want to pick something else.

5 Steps to Faking A Valentine
If you are a mom, and your son (or daughter) is at his desk alone on Valentine’s Day, send him (or her) this one.

For the Cute Factor

Colorful Valentine
Oh, just a little bear with a scarf on a bicycle pedaling around the world turning everything pink

I Freaking Love You
Have you ever seen Love Actually when the guy in the turtleneck holds up cards for Keira Knightley to tell her his feelings? It’s kind of like that but with a better font.

The Foxy Fox What I Know
Not only is it well designed and sweet (who doesn’t like a fox winking at you?!) it also asks the bold question “Will You Be My Valentine?” It’s great for that person at the office you think is cute but you really aren’t sure how they feel back.

The Magic Kitty Card
In this high-quality card, a little kitten is chased around by a fairy and they make a valentine’s day card for you on a desk with carnations. How do you get cuter than that? It also gives you a chance to read about the history of Valentine’s Day so it is adorable and educational!

For Free

JibJab Silent Movie
They say that nothing good in life is free but JibJab begs to differ! They have dozens of cards to send to your loved ones where you can insert your faces into the images above and dance around as Sandy and Danny or Sonny and Cher. Some of are a little off-color but our personal favorite is the silent movie. Check it out!

Valentine Puppy
This little puppy sings you a Valentine’s Song in a British accent. How do you beat that?