Let’s face it, there is a ton of competition for hiring quality talent these days. What do you do if you don’t have the brand recognition that some larger companies have? How do you score the top talent?

Believe it or not, the job description is often the first impression you have with your talent pool. Think about it. If a candidate hasn’t heard of your company name, they’ve most likely stumbled upon your job posting via Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. An awesome and exciting job description will push that quality hire to come visit your website, learn about you–and apply!

The Essentials

Job Title & Level

Titles matter even if they don’t matter. Titles are the easiest way to show career growth and quality hires want that.


The summary must be one to three sentences of powerful language carefully crafted to reel that quality hire in. Quality hires not only want, but expect, to gain value from your company. Show them what you have to offer!


About five to ten bullets explaining the essential functions of the role. Be transparent. Quality hires want to get an idea of what they’ll be doing all day.

Department & Supervisor

We all want to fit in. Quality hires tend to be more interested in a horizontal company where they have access to mentorship and guidance.

Skills & Qualifications

List all the required qualifications along with those that are preferred. The company expects to gain value from the quality hire – and that is perfectly ok! Make sure the quality hire brings everything you want plus more to the table.

Company Overview

Sure, the quality hire has probably already read every word on your website – twice. But be sure to keep your mission statement, goals, accomplishments, and culture handy to remind them why your company is the best choice for them.

Details of Employment

Be very clear about whether the position is full-time, part time, contract, etc.


If you don’t want to disclose the number, then be sure to highlight the benefits package you offer. Don’t forget, quality hires may have options outside of your company. Stay competitive if you want top talent!

Contact Information

Don’t let the quality hire slip from your fingers. Be specific about who and how to contact for any questions, or status of their application. It’s hard, but always be responsive to each candidate.


Focus not only on how the candidate brings value to the company, but how the company will bring value to the candidate.

Be direct, specific, and transparent in everything you write. Don’t start off a relationship by misleading your candidates.

The entire job description should embody the company’s ethos from word choice to formatting. Your end goal is to attract quality hires who are right for the position and the company.

And hey, we’re hiring!