With the advent of the internet and the snowball effect of all of the technology that has followed, it has become increasingly difficult for people to separate their work lives and their personal ones. Because of the inevitable merge of professional and personal, it’s important to remember that you deserve to be happy all the time, and not just live for the weekend. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to achieve that standard of happiness–even at work!

Find a Sense of Meaning

Studies have shown that workers who know that their work has a meaningful, positive impact tend to feel happier in the workplace–and can be more productive, too. But you don’t have to be curing cancer or solving world hunger to find meaning in your work! Something as simple as helping out a colleague or reaching small, daily goals can contribute to a having a positive outlook, and make work more enjoyable. Try making a list of tasks first thing in the morning so that you can check them off as you succeed throughout the day!

Engage in Friendships with Coworkers

They say one should should always separate work and play, but the office isn’t just a business atmosphere–it’s a social one, too. Surrounding yourself with a few people whose company you enjoy and who you can trust will create a strong rapport among coworkers. This feeling of camaraderie in the workplace can actually make you more focused on your work, as you’ll feel more comfortable and satisfied within the workplace. Try a post-work happy hour outing with a small group of coworkers, or see if your company will organize a special event that everyone can participate in!

Personalize Your Space

You spend the majority of your day (week, year…) at the office, so take some time to make that space your own! Whether you choose a plant to liven things up, personal knick knacks or photos of family and friends, a little bit of decoration can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable in your space. In addition to some chic decor, think about optimizing your work area to make the space you’re in work for you. If you’re in a collaborative environment, avoid really tall or bulky desk accessories to maximize your work area and ensure that it doesn’t feel cramped while others are working with you.

Work for a Life–Not Just a Living

It’s one thing to look at your work simply as a means to pay the bills, but quite another to shift your focus from daily bread to daily meaning. Finding fulfillment in your work can help you make the office an environment that you not only enjoy spending time in–you might just love it, too. Take complete ownership of what you do, and think of your position not just as a job title, but as an extension of yourself. Customize your job to fit your motives, strengths, interests and passions. Focus on growth, and seeing improvement in your work will translate to a happier feeling overall.

Take Care of Your Body

That old thing you lug from work, home, and back again needs to be taken care of! When your body isn’t feeling great, happiness becomes harder to achieve. Focus on eating a diet that doesn’t bog you down, but keep yourself energized with protein-packed snacks and plenty of water throughout the day. In addition to that, make an effort to–at least–get up and take a walk around the office a few times a day. Even better, try making a full workout part of your daily routine, whether it be before work, during your lunch break, or in the evening. Get acquainted with your endorphins, and let the good times roll!

It can be difficult to find the energy to hit the gym after a long day at work, or to get yourself up early enough to get a workout in before the work day begins. But the benefits of going that extra mile for your physical health won’t just strengthen your body—your performance at work and mental sharpness will benefit, too. Here’s how.

You’ll be Smarter

That old stereotype about dumb jocks couldn’t be more incorrect. As you age, your body produces fewer brain cells, but working out can help you hang on to those precious cells longer. Current research suggests that maintaining an active lifestyle throughout adulthood can significantly expand the shelf life of your smarts—in other words, people who commit to exercising will have more brain cells when they’re in their 50s, 60s and beyond than their inactive peers will, giving them the edge in the workplace.

You’ll Feel More Focused & Energized

You’ve got to give to get, and the same goes for your energy! While kicking your smarts into high-gear via your workout is more of a long term effect, the immediate benefits of exercise can impact your work day as well. When you’re active, the cells in your body are stimulated and will produce more energy, which will give you a boost both physically and mentally. And the best part is, you don’t have to go crazy on the treadmill to obtain these energetic benefits. Something as simple as getting up and walking around during the day will make your body feel refreshed and improve mental sharpness. So when you feel those post-lunch blues kicking in, take a walk and gain some of that long-lost energy back.

You’ll be in a Better Mood

Get acquainted with your endorphins! Ever notice that no matter how miserable you may be during your workout, you always seem to feel great after? That’s because immediately after physical activity, your body releases a cocktail of chemicals into your brain, all which are designed to make you feel happy. This is the same phenomenon you might sometimes hear referred to as a “runner’s high,” but no matter what your workout of choice is, getting your heart rate up and sweat glands working will always be for your benefit.

Simply put, when you’re smarter, more focused, energized and happier at work, you’re going to be more productive and efficient throughout the day. Making fitness a part of your daily routine will also expand your health physically and mentally, benefiting you in or out of the office, and for years to come!

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