The concept of company culture is often believed to stem from a multitude of perks provided to keep employees satisfied and comfortable. And while perks may have an influence on the everyday feel of your workplace, it is not the culture. Culture cannot be predetermined, built with nice things, easily manipulated or replicated elsewhere.

Culture is an evolving set of collective beliefs, values and attitudes a company holds. It has a heavy impact on the strategic direction of an organization and the decisions involved in it.

Let’s take a look at some factors that influence company culture:

Begin With a Vision

This is the starting point for many organizations. Build your vision or mission statement and you will start to see that the pieces will begin to fall into place. This can be the most important factor because it acts as a building block as your company experiences growth.

Establish Your Values

Although it’s not a set of rules, values help guide the behavior and mindset desired by the founders and are hoped to be exhibited in any sense of business communication, internal or external. It is important that your team does not just adhere to your values, but they believe and practice them.

Walk the Walk

Put your values into motion. Build your organization around the vision and the values to show and give that feeling to your team. If you want to build an innovative company, you need to bring in the proper people and proper tools to allow them to accomplish innovation. It goes for any type of culture, you need to walk the walk, if you are going to talk the talk.

Invest in People

Be stringent in finding talent. Intelligence isn’t the only factor. You need to find people with the right attitude and mindset that will be able to reinforce the company’s current culture. Employees who don’t fit into your culture can be toxic; save yourself some time and money by taking attitude into serious consideration.

Craft Your Narrative

Celebrate your company’s history. Whether you take a formal or informal approach, your organization’s past has absolutely influenced where it is now. Be proud of what you have created.

Provide a Space

Your workplace should reinforce culture, but not define it. Giving your team the space and tools to work will allow them to flourish and your company to grow into something great. Have some fun and provide your employees with great perks because they deserve it. When it comes down to it, it is all about making your team happy and comfortable while pushing them to create something great. Whatever environment you need to build to establish that mentality, it’s worth the investment. 

Use these guidelines to help transform your company culture. Just remember, these things take time. Start by identifying your vision and move forward from there.

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