in 2007, the seven-billionth can of SPAM® product was produced. Whoa. The US government must have known billions of spam would be distributed when they passed CAN-SPAM in 2003. Oh, wait, we aren’t talking about THAT Spam, are we? Nope.

CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) is US federal legislation passed in 2003 that sets the rules and establishes requirements for commercial email. It also gives recipients the right to unsubscribe and outlines pretty harsh penalties for violations.

What does CAN-SPAM cover?

CAN-SPAM applies to any and all electronic mail messages whose primary purpose is a commercial advertisement or to promote a commercial product/service. This includes emails that promote content on commercial websites!

What are the penalties?

Each separate email in violation of CAN-SPAM is subject to penalties of up to $16,000. How big is your email list? Let’s say 16,000. 16,000 emails x $16,000 = NOPE.

How do I comply?

The FTC actually makes it pretty easy to comply. And really, it’s a lot of common sense. Visit their guide if you’d like more information: CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business


  • Identify your message as advertisement clearly & conspicuously. Don’t include fine print that may confuse or contradicts your main content!
  • Provide a valid physical postal address in every email. P.O. Boxes are ok!
  • Provide a clear and obvious way to unsubscribe. You must honor that that request within 10 business days! Best practice: immediately.
  • Monitor your outsourced agencies. Did you outsource your email marketing campaigns to an outside agency? You are still legally on the hook to comply with CAN-SPAM.

Do Not:

  • Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information must always be accurate!
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines. Again, don’t mislead your recipients.
  • Don’t make it hard for your users to opt out. Another reminder. Your email must include a clear explanation of how to unsubscribe, or opt out, of future emails. Do not charge a fee, or require any further steps for the recipient other than reply email or visiting a single website page.

As a reminder. This is NOT legal advice and shouldn’t be construed as such. Please consult with your own counsel for legal advice on how to interpret CAN-SPAM rules & regulations.

Millennials are the largest cohort size in history. 47% of millennials in the US between the ages of 25 to 34 year-olds received a postsecondary degree and 18% of them even go off to get a Masters degree. So with massive sizing and massive smarts, where exactly should these young powerhouses be living? We have compiled a list of places that we feel are excellent for young professionals!

Orange County, CA

If the LA celebs-and-traffic-scene isn’t really the place for you (but you still want the beach and the amazing weather), then the OC has it all! With the highest grossing shopping mall on the West Coast, countless concert venues, beaches, (and not to mention, hello, Disneyland!), the OC is a great place for young techies to start their dream jobs. It has become a major player in the internet game, as well, which is why we found it to be a great place for our very own headquarters!

New York City

Can you think of a better place than the Big Apple for a young person to start a life? Aside from being the self-proclaimed Capital of the World, NYC also has more nightlife than anywhere else in the nation for young folks starting after 10 pm! The median salary for people with college degrees in NYC isn’t too bad- $54,987. and the crime rate is surprisingly low for a major city. Its only downfall is the outrageous cost of living! $3,190 is the average rent for a 1-bedroom. Whoa!

San Francisco

The city also has a high cost of living (only about a hundred dollars less to rent there than NYC!) But what it lacks in low rent, it makes up for with great nightlife, and low unemployment rates. Also, it’s a great city for those of you who are conscious of preserving our environment. San Francisco passed an initiative to make paychecks 100% paperless!


If you don’t mind a little (okay, a lot) of rain, then Seattle is a great place for you! Washington’s mountains are great for avid hikers and explorers, and it is the home of Starbucks! It also has more restaurants per person than NYC (and half the rent price- the average one bedroom is $1,412) which is great for a young professional looking for a post-work happy hour.

Washington D.C.

If you are looking for a place where you can go to change the world, Washington D.C. is definitely your best bet! D.C. has a high median salary of $62,458, plus all the culture and life that only the greatest nation’s capital can bring! Take a trip to the national mall or visit the Smithsonian on the weekend. If that seems a little somber, head over to the International Spy Museum. Apartments are also significantly cheaper than New York City or San Francisco. Of course, it isn’t all perfect. The unemployment rate is still  a modestly high 7.5%.


If you are having trouble meeting other young professionals, move to Denver where 47% of the population are young professionals! It is also listed as the 16th highest relationship formation city in the U.S, meaning that if you want to find love, you will probably find it! Or if not, head to Vail, and spend the weekend skiing! Plus, it has the lowest rent price for a one-bedroom apartment averaging at $1,526 per month. 


What do millennials love more than food or coffee? Nothing, which is why Portland, Oregon ranks so highly on our list of places for young professionals. It’s known for its world famous food carts (nearly 600 of them) placed in pods all around the city and it is home to two of the greatest doughnut shops in the nation- Blue Star and Voodoo. It also made third on CNBC’s list of most caffeinated-cities with 867 coffee shops!


There are several reasons why Raleigh made the top of our list, but one of the biggest reasons is that it has one of the best job growth projections of any city in the country, with an impressive median salary of $62,313! It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, making it safe and affordable for someone to start a life!


Why move to Phoenix? 17% of their population is young and 37% of their population is single. If that isn’t enough for you the average rent for a one-bedroom is $915. Plus, you cannot beat a Phoenix skyline.


Austin is the indy cousin in the sea of conservative cities in Texas. It is a great place for a young professional, especially if you are starting out. The statistics are unbelievable- Austin was voted 6th best place in the U.S. for nightlife and boasts an unemployment rate of less than 3%. A one bedroom apartment would cost you on average $910 per month and the median salary is over $45,000 for people with college educations. Austin considers itself the “live music capital of the world” and has almost as many coffee shops as its weird cousin, Portland.



RM Team Member Spotlights give you insight into RM by letting you hear from team members in varying roles at our company as to why they chose to work here and what excites them about their role.

Meet Rizaldy “RJ” Asis, Email Operations Manager. RJ’s celebrated his four year anniversary with RM on March 5!

How long have you been at RM?

4 years! I started when there were only 12 people in the company. It was my first time in an intimate setting and we were all very close. It was one of the things I loved about the company. Though I, also, love to see the growth and evolution of the company since I entered.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

I love the camaraderie. This place is very unique. Everyone brings something very special to the table that makes the company what it is today. Everyone has their quirks and their individuality. We have a presence that is different from every other company. RMVP is cool, too.

What do you feel is the ‘tone’ of RM?

I have to pick just one? It is nothing but good vibes! It’s high-intensity but that makes it never boring. Everyone around me pushes me to be better which is what I want around me. It’s a drive. Everyone has it. We all take pride in our work and respect each other so much- we don’t want to let anyone down!

Any tips you have for future employees?

Everything can be taught but your work ethic. If you have the passion to work hard, you will go places. We are a team and we work as a team. Be accountable to yourself and take ownership. Admit your faults and be humble. Also, dress well.

What is your favorite color?


How do you take your coffee?

Black—it’s best for time optimization!

What was your most recent birthday treat?

Last year I ordered Bruxie’s and it was amazing!

What do you look forward to most when you come into the office?

I love SPACE. It is open and inviting. I like playing video games with my friends at the end of the day. And John Mai’s laugh.

What is your best memory thus far at the company?

Christmas Party 2014. We had a photo booth and tried to cram the whole company inside. It was genuinely fun and everyone was really happy. And the company Palm Springs trip.

What do you feel is the most important part of our company culture?

Always having something to look forward to. Whether it’s launching a new brand, bootcamp, game night, or our random conversations in the workplace… It’s never a dull day in the office!

What project are you most excited about this year?

It’s a secret, but I promise you it is a good one!

Did you know that an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2016? And did you know that approximately 50% of people with cancer are battling a rare cancer? Rare cancers include brain, pancreatic, ovarian, thyroid, stomach cancer as well as leukemia and lymphoma, and all pediatric cancers.

This is Team RpM’s Battle Cry.


On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Team RpM joined Cycle for Survival’s indoor team cycling event to raise funds that are critical for rare cancer research. Team RpM raised over $5,500 towards benefiting cancer patients worldwide!

100% of every donation to Cycle for Survival is directly allocated to research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within six months of the events. The donations go to pioneering research and clinical trials, and have already led to new and better treatments for cancer patients! For more information, please visit

team-rpm (1)

Check out some photos from the day of the event!

color-oracle (1)

Does the image above seem to be slightly off? That’s because we used the Color Oracle app to show you how someone who is colorblind would view this photo. It is something that often gets overlooked in email marketing campaigns that are fighting to grab your attention but it could keep you from reaching about 8% of your target audience. What if you opened your email and all you saw was this:

Hello hyphen Elizabeth  hyphen exclamation point. Thank you for joining Restoration Media link to profile. We have some exciting opportunities for you exclamation point. Twitter page, facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram. Image. Image. Drop down menu. System creating PC issues. Please wait.

What would that tell you about our website if you were a blind person using our site with a screen reader? Probably not that much. Here at Restoration Media, we have compiled a list of ways that we feel can help you achieve the most optimal way to reach that 8%.

Get mobile friendly

We have said it before and we will say it again: you need to make your campaign mobile friendly! Over 50% of emails are read over a phone so you’re missing out on half of your readers if you aren’t mobile friendly, anyway. Most of those who are visually impaired prefer to read on a mobile device or on the mobile option because the text is simpler and the options are easier to read, especially for those who use a screen-reader.

Use a color blindness simulator

The term “colorblind” sounds like the person can see only black and white but that actually isn’t the case. 99% of those who are colorblind can see some color. As we mentioned earlier in this post, we like to use Color Oracle to test our campaigns for color blindness. The app gives you four different ways to look at your email before it is sent out: Normal, Deuteranopia (green color blindness), Protanopia (red color blindness), and Tritanopia (blue color blindness). All you have to do is click on the word at the drop menu and your campaign can be viewed the way that a person with visual impairment views it.

Use an “alt text” for your images

As you saw in our sample email, a screen reader cannot tell what it is in your image but if you use an alternative text, it can read that and clearly let the reader know what is in your image. However, alternative text is difficult to use so if you don’t know how to make an alt text than you might just want to try explaining what is in the image instead. Try saying something like “this infographic clearly shows that our revenue has doubled in the last six months!”

Be a minimalist

Go on Pinterest, trust us, minimalism is cool and a minimalist campaign is so much easier for someone who is colorblind to use. Monochrome campaigns do not change much in different levels of color blindness and they look just as fierce when you aren’t colorblind. Keeping a sleek email without a million different colors will also help keep your CTA button more accessible. Drop all the heavy menuing at the top of your email, as well. It takes far too long for a screen-reader to get through all those emails and since most people have the attention span of a goldfish, a lengthy menu header could hurt the content of your campaign, anyway.  

Keep your text in one column

Screen readers will always read your text left to right and top to bottom. Many who create HTML emails use templates that are commonly coded using tables and though they are easy to move across channels, screen readers may not be reading them in the order they are intended. You could keep your email in two columns but, sometimes, separating text with images confuses the order for a screen reader. Another way around this would be to use HTML heading elements to create a hierarchy for screen readers.

Consider your Typography

Fancy wording is great but it doesn’t do much if people cannot read it. Keep your font fairly large and not overly complex. If you are going with a standard font, the American Foundation for the Blind recommends Roman, Sans Serif or even Ariel at around an 18 point font and remember bold is better! If you choose to use eye-catching typography, we don’t blame you, just make sure that you leave accurate spacing between the words so that those who are visually impaired can read it, try a 1.5 instead of a single space.

Have a Text Only Option

A text only option is such an easy way to ensure your emails are accessible to everyone without having to lose the key design that you worked so hard on. Try setting the text only to an easy read font and putting clickable links at the top of your email so that they are easy to see amongst all the content. This will also help improve your email in other ways like making sure your lines aren’t too long and that there is actually enough informative content in-between all those fancy designs and images.

As you know, we love email! We know that it is the best way to say “I love you” & save the planet a little. We decided to rifle through all the muck out there and pick out are favorites to help save you some time, as well.

For Humor

Mariachi Band Singing Get Down Tonight
What could be funnier than a Mariachi band playing a funk song?

Beaver Fever
Mariachi bands not your jam? How about a beaver in a fedora singing funk music?

Slice of Paradise
This is by far my favorite e-card for every occasion- unless you are sending to someone whose name is a little unique, in which case, you probably want to pick something else.

5 Steps to Faking A Valentine
If you are a mom, and your son (or daughter) is at his desk alone on Valentine’s Day, send him (or her) this one.

For the Cute Factor

Colorful Valentine
Oh, just a little bear with a scarf on a bicycle pedaling around the world turning everything pink

I Freaking Love You
Have you ever seen Love Actually when the guy in the turtleneck holds up cards for Keira Knightley to tell her his feelings? It’s kind of like that but with a better font.

The Foxy Fox What I Know
Not only is it well designed and sweet (who doesn’t like a fox winking at you?!) it also asks the bold question “Will You Be My Valentine?” It’s great for that person at the office you think is cute but you really aren’t sure how they feel back.

The Magic Kitty Card
In this high-quality card, a little kitten is chased around by a fairy and they make a valentine’s day card for you on a desk with carnations. How do you get cuter than that? It also gives you a chance to read about the history of Valentine’s Day so it is adorable and educational!

For Free

JibJab Silent Movie
They say that nothing good in life is free but JibJab begs to differ! They have dozens of cards to send to your loved ones where you can insert your faces into the images above and dance around as Sandy and Danny or Sonny and Cher. Some of are a little off-color but our personal favorite is the silent movie. Check it out!

Valentine Puppy
This little puppy sings you a Valentine’s Song in a British accent. How do you beat that?

Live Life to the Fullest

According to Time Magazine, 46% of people voted “Living Life to the Fullest” as their number one New Year’s Resolution. But, just exactly how does that translate to the workplace? Well to be honest, work is where you spend most of your waking time so if you are going to “live life to the fullest” that should be done primarily in the workplace. Setting goals that will help you reach your fullest potential at your job this year is a great way to live life to the fullest. Start by asking yourself “Where do I see my career heading by the end of 2016?” “How can I move up in the company?” “What can I do to be more efficient?”  Once you’ve answered these questions, setting goals to get the fullest amount out of your productivity should be easier to handle and, if you stick with them, 2016 could be your best year yet!

Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

As apparent in many of our blog posts, we believe here at Restoration Media that a healthy lifestyle is essential in all aspects of life and the workplace is no different. Set goals at the office to sit less and stand more. Adjustable workstations can be a great way to stand more often and rebuild some muscle in your legs or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Going for walks during your lunch break can help relieve some stress and promote blood flow to the body. You might be surprised to see how your work benefits from being healthier at the office.

Lose Weight

Enjoying a healthier lifestyle can automatically lead to weight loss but what is it that is weighing you down at the office? Could you possibly bringing stressors from the home into your workplace? Are you constantly logged onto Facebook or iMessages? Bringing weight into the office that isn’t work related can slow you down and make you lose focus. This year, leave that extra weight at home by setting goals to check your social media or texts when you aren’t on company time. You might be surprised by not only how much you get done but how much lighter you feel!

Save More, Spend Less

Over 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account so this is clearly a goal that can benefit anyone. An easy way to spend less is to cut out going to lunch every day. Even if you are spending roughly $20 a week on lunch, in your career, that could cost you up to a thousand dollars a year! A great way to combat this is by finding an office lunch buddy. Take turns making lunch for each other every other day so that you can hold each other accountable and save even more!

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

This may not be an easy one to do while you are at work but the best way to make sure you can spend more time with your family and friends is by making sure that you make the most of your time at the office. As we mentioned before, unplugging from your social life while you are on the job can greatly benefit your work which means less work to do at home! Other ways you can spend time with family and friends is by participating together in exercise. Go for a walk in the morning before work with your spouse or meet a friend for spin class after you are off the clock. Working out with other people benefits everyone involved.

Mexican artist Emilio Chapela and his internationally known pieces have always struck a chord with RM. On November 17, Chapela visited our office in Irvine to speak on his work and why it is important to our company. The beauty of Chapela’s work is that it combines both research and data. In essence, his work combines things that are concrete to create something beautiful and abstract – just like we do. How do these pieces enhance what we do?



At the head of the Operations walls sits one of Emilio Chapela’s pieces entitled “Taco Bell”. Chapela took the colors associated with the restaurant brand and painted them onto a white canvas. Each color represented with the same amount of space as it would have in the brand’s symbol. With 5,604 Taco Bells in the United States alone, the colors and branding of this symbol should be instantaneously recognizable. Seeing the colors plum, fuchsia and crayon yellow recreated to make something new has turned Taco Bell into a different product. It serves a beacon of motivation for those who work in our company to constantly see an everyday marketing piece, deconstruct it and figure out what makes it recognizable.

In Email Marketing, colors are key. Google tested 41 different shades of blue before it decided on the color now used for its page links. A study done at the University of Winnipeg said that 90% of decisions consumers make about brands is based off of a brand’s coloring alone. “Taco Bell” stripped down the noise of the brand and left you with the color as a landscape and we can constantly look at that piece and think and be brought back to the basics and the heart of Restoration Media. Let us be the artist of our technology.



Innovation in Presentation

“Imbalance” by Emilio Chapela has no color but it has something else that is crucial to what we do at Restoration Media- data. “Imbalance” shows two triangles, one vastly larger than the other and flipped upside-down so that it is balancing on its weakest point. The larger triangle symbolizes the world’s largest economy and the smaller symbolizes the world’s ten smallest economies. Given hours worth of researched data, “Imbalance” created a quick and precise view of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Everyone who has ever partook in a pole has seen a data chart before. They are everywhere and they all look the same. “Imbalance” took that concept of data and gave it a shape, a visualization. As a data company, we always look for new ways to present this data, whether to an employee, an employer or a consumer but the concept doesn’t always have to apply to data, it works for any presentation. How does the way you present your email affect your consumer? What about your subject line? The key is to constantly be thinking- is there a new and innovative way that we can present the same thing to you?

Not only does artwork create a more inviting environment, it helps remind a company to use both sides of the brain, that the abstract is just as important as the concrete. Using Emilio Chapela’s artwork in a company like Restoration Media drives that thought process even further. Like Chapela’s work, giving a clean and clear vision of what needs to be said is key in being recepted. If we can find a way that we can match the passion, simplicity and the depths of pieces like Emilio Chapela’s we can easily access people in the same way, as well. In the end, art and technology are not so different. In fact, they are both the driving force behind what makes Restoration Media great.

With the advent of the internet and the snowball effect of all of the technology that has followed, it has become increasingly difficult for people to separate their work lives and their personal ones. Because of the inevitable merge of professional and personal, it’s important to remember that you deserve to be happy all the time, and not just live for the weekend. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to achieve that standard of happiness–even at work!

Find a Sense of Meaning

Studies have shown that workers who know that their work has a meaningful, positive impact tend to feel happier in the workplace–and can be more productive, too. But you don’t have to be curing cancer or solving world hunger to find meaning in your work! Something as simple as helping out a colleague or reaching small, daily goals can contribute to a having a positive outlook, and make work more enjoyable. Try making a list of tasks first thing in the morning so that you can check them off as you succeed throughout the day!

Engage in Friendships with Coworkers

They say one should should always separate work and play, but the office isn’t just a business atmosphere–it’s a social one, too. Surrounding yourself with a few people whose company you enjoy and who you can trust will create a strong rapport among coworkers. This feeling of camaraderie in the workplace can actually make you more focused on your work, as you’ll feel more comfortable and satisfied within the workplace. Try a post-work happy hour outing with a small group of coworkers, or see if your company will organize a special event that everyone can participate in!

Personalize Your Space

You spend the majority of your day (week, year…) at the office, so take some time to make that space your own! Whether you choose a plant to liven things up, personal knick knacks or photos of family and friends, a little bit of decoration can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable in your space. In addition to some chic decor, think about optimizing your work area to make the space you’re in work for you. If you’re in a collaborative environment, avoid really tall or bulky desk accessories to maximize your work area and ensure that it doesn’t feel cramped while others are working with you.

Work for a Life–Not Just a Living

It’s one thing to look at your work simply as a means to pay the bills, but quite another to shift your focus from daily bread to daily meaning. Finding fulfillment in your work can help you make the office an environment that you not only enjoy spending time in–you might just love it, too. Take complete ownership of what you do, and think of your position not just as a job title, but as an extension of yourself. Customize your job to fit your motives, strengths, interests and passions. Focus on growth, and seeing improvement in your work will translate to a happier feeling overall.

Take Care of Your Body

That old thing you lug from work, home, and back again needs to be taken care of! When your body isn’t feeling great, happiness becomes harder to achieve. Focus on eating a diet that doesn’t bog you down, but keep yourself energized with protein-packed snacks and plenty of water throughout the day. In addition to that, make an effort to–at least–get up and take a walk around the office a few times a day. Even better, try making a full workout part of your daily routine, whether it be before work, during your lunch break, or in the evening. Get acquainted with your endorphins, and let the good times roll!

Andy Nagai, Software Engineer

Welcome to our RM Team Member Spotlight! We want to give you insight into RM by letting you hear from team members in varying roles at our company as to why they chose to work here and what excites them about their role.

Meet Andy Nagai, Software Engineer. Andy celebrated his third year anniversary with RM this summer.

How did you find out about an opportunity at RM and what made you choose to pursue this opportunity?

I found the position through a recruiter. I liked the company culture and was excited by RM’s existing sites and the various projects RM had in the pipeline!

What do you enjoy about working on RM’s Development team?

I like being an essential member of the team. RM allows us many any opportunities to learn and practice new technologies.  I really feel that management is concerned about employee satisfaction and health, which is important to me.

How have you grown in your career while working at RM?

I have had many opportunities to learn and implement new technologies which allows for continued personal and professional growth.

What most excites and motivates about coming into work every day?

Every day is another day of new challenges and learning opportunities!

How do you like SPACE, RM’s HQ? Any favorite perks you’d like to share?

I like that the company allows us flexible work schedules, and a discounted rate at Equinox!

Want to work with Andy? We’re hiring!

Let’s face it, there is a ton of competition for hiring quality talent these days. What do you do if you don’t have the brand recognition that some larger companies have? How do you score the top talent?

Believe it or not, the job description is often the first impression you have with your talent pool. Think about it. If a candidate hasn’t heard of your company name, they’ve most likely stumbled upon your job posting via Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. An awesome and exciting job description will push that quality hire to come visit your website, learn about you–and apply!

The Essentials

Job Title & Level

Titles matter even if they don’t matter. Titles are the easiest way to show career growth and quality hires want that.


The summary must be one to three sentences of powerful language carefully crafted to reel that quality hire in. Quality hires not only want, but expect, to gain value from your company. Show them what you have to offer!


About five to ten bullets explaining the essential functions of the role. Be transparent. Quality hires want to get an idea of what they’ll be doing all day.

Department & Supervisor

We all want to fit in. Quality hires tend to be more interested in a horizontal company where they have access to mentorship and guidance.

Skills & Qualifications

List all the required qualifications along with those that are preferred. The company expects to gain value from the quality hire – and that is perfectly ok! Make sure the quality hire brings everything you want plus more to the table.

Company Overview

Sure, the quality hire has probably already read every word on your website – twice. But be sure to keep your mission statement, goals, accomplishments, and culture handy to remind them why your company is the best choice for them.

Details of Employment

Be very clear about whether the position is full-time, part time, contract, etc.


If you don’t want to disclose the number, then be sure to highlight the benefits package you offer. Don’t forget, quality hires may have options outside of your company. Stay competitive if you want top talent!

Contact Information

Don’t let the quality hire slip from your fingers. Be specific about who and how to contact for any questions, or status of their application. It’s hard, but always be responsive to each candidate.


Focus not only on how the candidate brings value to the company, but how the company will bring value to the candidate.

Be direct, specific, and transparent in everything you write. Don’t start off a relationship by misleading your candidates.

The entire job description should embody the company’s ethos from word choice to formatting. Your end goal is to attract quality hires who are right for the position and the company.

And hey, we’re hiring!

The concept of company culture is often believed to stem from a multitude of perks provided to keep employees satisfied and comfortable. And while perks may have an influence on the everyday feel of your workplace, it is not the culture. Culture cannot be predetermined, built with nice things, easily manipulated or replicated elsewhere.

Culture is an evolving set of collective beliefs, values and attitudes a company holds. It has a heavy impact on the strategic direction of an organization and the decisions involved in it.

Let’s take a look at some factors that influence company culture:

Begin With a Vision

This is the starting point for many organizations. Build your vision or mission statement and you will start to see that the pieces will begin to fall into place. This can be the most important factor because it acts as a building block as your company experiences growth.

Establish Your Values

Although it’s not a set of rules, values help guide the behavior and mindset desired by the founders and are hoped to be exhibited in any sense of business communication, internal or external. It is important that your team does not just adhere to your values, but they believe and practice them.

Walk the Walk

Put your values into motion. Build your organization around the vision and the values to show and give that feeling to your team. If you want to build an innovative company, you need to bring in the proper people and proper tools to allow them to accomplish innovation. It goes for any type of culture, you need to walk the walk, if you are going to talk the talk.

Invest in People

Be stringent in finding talent. Intelligence isn’t the only factor. You need to find people with the right attitude and mindset that will be able to reinforce the company’s current culture. Employees who don’t fit into your culture can be toxic; save yourself some time and money by taking attitude into serious consideration.

Craft Your Narrative

Celebrate your company’s history. Whether you take a formal or informal approach, your organization’s past has absolutely influenced where it is now. Be proud of what you have created.

Provide a Space

Your workplace should reinforce culture, but not define it. Giving your team the space and tools to work will allow them to flourish and your company to grow into something great. Have some fun and provide your employees with great perks because they deserve it. When it comes down to it, it is all about making your team happy and comfortable while pushing them to create something great. Whatever environment you need to build to establish that mentality, it’s worth the investment. 

Use these guidelines to help transform your company culture. Just remember, these things take time. Start by identifying your vision and move forward from there.

Learn more about Restoration Media’s culture and values.


It can be difficult to find the energy to hit the gym after a long day at work, or to get yourself up early enough to get a workout in before the work day begins. But the benefits of going that extra mile for your physical health won’t just strengthen your body—your performance at work and mental sharpness will benefit, too. Here’s how.

You’ll be Smarter

That old stereotype about dumb jocks couldn’t be more incorrect. As you age, your body produces fewer brain cells, but working out can help you hang on to those precious cells longer. Current research suggests that maintaining an active lifestyle throughout adulthood can significantly expand the shelf life of your smarts—in other words, people who commit to exercising will have more brain cells when they’re in their 50s, 60s and beyond than their inactive peers will, giving them the edge in the workplace.

You’ll Feel More Focused & Energized

You’ve got to give to get, and the same goes for your energy! While kicking your smarts into high-gear via your workout is more of a long term effect, the immediate benefits of exercise can impact your work day as well. When you’re active, the cells in your body are stimulated and will produce more energy, which will give you a boost both physically and mentally. And the best part is, you don’t have to go crazy on the treadmill to obtain these energetic benefits. Something as simple as getting up and walking around during the day will make your body feel refreshed and improve mental sharpness. So when you feel those post-lunch blues kicking in, take a walk and gain some of that long-lost energy back.

You’ll be in a Better Mood

Get acquainted with your endorphins! Ever notice that no matter how miserable you may be during your workout, you always seem to feel great after? That’s because immediately after physical activity, your body releases a cocktail of chemicals into your brain, all which are designed to make you feel happy. This is the same phenomenon you might sometimes hear referred to as a “runner’s high,” but no matter what your workout of choice is, getting your heart rate up and sweat glands working will always be for your benefit.

Simply put, when you’re smarter, more focused, energized and happier at work, you’re going to be more productive and efficient throughout the day. Making fitness a part of your daily routine will also expand your health physically and mentally, benefiting you in or out of the office, and for years to come!

To see how Restoration Media makes employee fitness a priority, read more about our partnership with Equinox Fitness Clubs here and here.

Eric Uldall, Software Engineer

Welcome to our very first RM Team Member Spotlight! We want to give you insight into RM by letting you hear from team members in varying roles at our company as to why they chose to work here and what excites them about their role.

Our very first spotlight is on Eric Uldall, Software Engineer. Eric is celebrating his first year anniversary at RM on July 14.

How did you find out about an opportunity at RM and what made you choose to pursue this opportunity?

I was working with a business partner who knew the Vice President of Product Development at RM and thought I would enjoy working with the team. After a short lunch meeting and getting an idea of what RM was up to, I knew I would be happy at RM. Once I met the rest of the team it was a no brainer. RM is family now.

What do you enjoy about working on RM’s Development team?

I personally feel like my drive and passion for new technology has earned a huge amount of freedom when I choose the technology I want to work with. I feel my opinion on the tech stack is always heard and often gets used.

I get to work with some of the best developers, designers and business people I’ve known, not to mention some of the best people I’ve known regardless their title.

What I love most about working on the RM Dev team is knowing the work I do makes an impact. That’s the dream–to actively impact my environment. Who knows how far that ripple will spread.

How have you grown in your career while working at RM?

I’ve grown immensely in the last year at RM. I’ve learned at least 5 new technologies (probably more). I’ve expanded my understanding of just how big data can be and how to make use of it at scale. RM is really an environment that allows us to push the limits of our abilities.

What most excites and motivates about coming into work every day?

My co-workers. RM is a truly amazing group of individuals. We’re like a big family, and we have our ups and downs. At the end of the day we can all come together and play some Smash Bros or Mortal Kombat, and I dig that.

How do you like SPACE, RM’s HQ? Any favorite perks you’d like to share?

SPACE is great. The visionaries for this environment did a great job of creating a place that is comfortable, offers plenty of escape, yet doesn’t distract from the tasks at hand. SPACE is a productive environment with plenty of opportunity to let your hair down!

What are your top 10 favorite songs to listen to when you work?

What advice would you give to others looking to pursue their career at RM?

Come show us what you’re made of!

Want to work with Eric? We’re hiring!

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA – Restoration Media, an online media firm specializing in data management, behavioral targeting, email marketing, and brand development, announced today that Inc. magazine ranked them #1138 on its 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. This is the fourth year that Restoration Media has been named to the Inc. 500|5000 list, and their third consecutive year. This year, Restoration Media was additionally named as the #10 Top Media Company in the country.

Restoration Media has seen a 387% revenue growth from 2010 to 2013 by evolving its Careercentric network to serve over 7,000,000 job seekers each month, driving millions of clicks to jobs and sending over 200 million targeted email alerts each month. The Inc. 5000’s aggreggate revenue is $211 billion, generating 505,000 jobs over the past three years.

“What surprises me, even though I know it’s coming, is the sheer variety of the paths our entrepreneurs take to success, thematically reflecting how our economy has evolved,” says Inc. President and Editor-In-Chief Eric Schurenberg. “This year there are far more social media and far fewer computer hardware businesses than there were, say, six years ago. But what doesn’t change is the fearsome creativity unleashed by American entrepreneurship.”

Restoration Media shares the honor with prominent companies such as Yelp, Pandora, LinkedIn, and many other well-known names. The complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at

Restoration Media Inc. announces RpM, a Weekly Team-Member Only Cycling Class as part of their Health & Wellness Program

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA – Restoration Media, an online media firm specializing in data management, behavioral targeting, email marketing, and brand development, announced today the launch of RpM, a weekly, team-member only cycling class as part of its evolving health and wellness program.

RpM is a performance based cycling class exclusively tailored for Restoration Media team members. The class will be led by Kimball Theoret, a performance coach with over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry who has been working closely with Nicholas Pardon, President at Restoration Media to create an effective training program. The class serves a two-fold purpose; (1) to improve the individual health of each team member; and (2) strengthens relationships within the team and company as a whole.

Last month, Restoration Media announced its corporate partnership with Equinox. The organization has recently jumpstarted their health and wellness program and have made the health of the team members a priority and is excited to offer healthy alternatives to their team. The company is looking forward to their transition to SPACE, their new Irvine HQ, to fully explore and expand in-house group exercise options.


TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA, April 1, 2014 — Restoration Media, an online media firm specializing in data management, behavioral targeting, email marketing, and brand development, announced today an exclusive corporate partnership with Equinox, giving team members the opportunity to experience one of the most prestigious and popular luxury fitness clubs in the country.

Team members may enjoy the benefits of Equinox by electing to join the Club with an affordable, subsidized membership rate. As the partnership expands, the organization plans on offering group exercise classes exclusively for Restoration Media team members, offering both an outlet to build on their health, but also team-building. The organization has recently jumpstarted their health and wellness program and have made the health of the team members a priority.

“We are excited to partner with Equinox,” said Sarah Aleem, Talent & Communications Manager for Restoration Media Inc. “Offering our team members access to an innovative health and fitness club is consistent with Restoration Media’s commitment to health and wellness.”

Equinox Fitness Clubs operates 51 upscale, full-service facilities in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Dallas and DC. The company offers an integrated selection of Equinox-branded programs, services and products, including strength and cardio training, group fitness classes, personal training, spa services and products, apparel and food/juice bars. Since its inception in 1991, Equinox has developed a lifestyle brand that represents service, value, quality, expertise, innovation, attention to detail, market leadership and results.

Restoration Media Acquires New Building in Irvine – SPACE

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA, April 1, 2014 — Restoration Media Inc., an Internet marketing and development firm, is proud to announce that it acquired a commercial property titled SPACE in June 2013 to serve as the company’s new headquarters.

SPACE was formerly the corporate headquarters of Freedom Communications, publisher of the Orange County Register. Located at 17666 Fitch, SPACE features over 16,000 sq. ft. of office space on a one-acre campus in the Irvine Business Complex near the 55 and 405 freeways.

SPACE will serve a dual purpose for both Restoration Media and its sister organization Sayago & Pardon (, which owns a prominent collection of Latin American art. SPACE will benefit Restoration Media’s growing operations as well as provide Sayago & Pardon a formal gallery and video installation studio to present their collection.

The Restoration Media team looks forward to utilizing its new SPACE, complete with central courtyard, to house our growing company, host professional networking events and meetups for the local tech and marketing communities, and proudly exhibit the Sayago & Pardon collection.

Restoration Media and Sayago & Pardon are scheduled to transition from their current Tustin location to SPACE in early 2014.